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Season 21 sees a series that has been worn thin over two decades. It opens with the somewhat inspired “Homer the Whopper,” guest-written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and guest-starring Rogen, but devolves quickly into a season of episodes with shallow setups just to get celebrity guest stars in.



Season 29 is, generally, a lame duck of a season. However, it does have some gems. Lisa and Marge teaming up to write a graphic novel in “Springfield Splendor” is a standout, because of its gorgeous visuals and tear-jerking story. Plus, the season’s “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special has a rare combination of three great segments. But other than that, it’s not a good season.



By season 20, the show was reduced to such thin non-plots as Bart and Milhouse finding Denis Leary’s cell phone and Homer and Flanders teaming up as bounty hunters. “Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words” and “In the Name of the Grandfather” are among the small handful of strong episodes, but it’s an overall weak season.



Season 26 began with a tremendous disappointment, as Fox had promoted the season with the promise of a major character’s death. It turned out to be Krusty’s father, who no one really cared about. Still, there are some pretty good episodes: “Covercraft,” “Super Franchise Me,” “Opposites A-Frack” etc. Plus, the Futurama crossover “Simpsorama” gets points for ambition, even if it’s not amazing.

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