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Aw yeah
It’s goin’ down
It’s Logic, y’all
Shout out to my boy, Rick
Are you ready?

[Verse 1]
There’s a choo choo train, man, he’s rolling down Tragedy
Everybody knows Supernova fights gravity


[Verse 2]
It’s Logic, y’all
Shit don’t get me started about the one and only man

Can’t forget about the one who never seems to get a chance
(Noob Noob)
All the bitches come around for Noob Noob

His dick gets more business than YouTube
Everybody, everybody is Noob Noob
Say everybody, everybody is

Yo, it’s Logic once again, y’all, don’t forget the name
Make sure you get home safe
And man, we gotta all give it up for Rick ’cause
I mean what kind of motherfucker just sets up a whole festival like this when he’s completely loaded, man?
And all that stuff I said about Vance? That’s not real
Vance, fuck that guy, that guy sucks dick
Woo, yeah
Yo, d-did I get paid yet? Woo

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